NT103 / Honey Watch Me Fuck Someone Else

First Half: Tonya arrives at the motel early and gets ready to meet her black lover. She tells her hubby how eager she is to get fucked by this guy with his big black dick... 

Her lover shows up right on time and she waists no time and gives his black cock a blow job... Tonya spreads her legs wide and her black lover shoves every solid inch of his throbbing hard black dick into her hot white cunt... He pulls out and shoots a massive load of cum all over her belly!

Second Half: Tonya goes to yet another black man's apartment where she proceeds to suck and fuck the stud bareback in front of her hubby. He takes her fast and furious in a couple of different positions before he finally busts a nut right up inside her fertile white cunt!

Running Time - 60 mins
DVD Price - $12.00

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